are a species in Minecraft, that serve as Team Crafted's worst enemy. Sky is mainly the one who hates squids, but they also are an enemy to the rest of the team.


According to Sky's videos, squids are evil, annoying, and dim-witted. They tend to appear out of nowhere and start to annoy Sky and distrupt his mod reviews by interrupting him and talking nonstop. The truth about them is that they actually are quite evil. They even managed to build an army and tried to take over the world, but their lack of intelligence holds them back, and, most of the time, gets them defeated.

Past meetups with Team CraftedEdit

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  • When Sky was reviewing the Zombie Tech Mod, a squid kidnapped him, put him in a cage, and did the rest of the mod review. After he was done, Sky finally broke out, and started to chase him off.
  • In the Epic Jump Map Butter Edition, made by Bodil40, the squids capture Deadlox , and take over the Minecraft world. Sky, TrueMU, and Hologram Deadlox had to go through a long parkour course to finally defeat the Squids and rescue the real Deadlox.
  • Sky was mining underground, when he found a portal that led to the Squid Dimension. Once again, he was kidnapped by a squid (possibly the same one that captured him in the Zombie Tech Mod), put in a cage, and the squid does a mod review of the Derpy Squids Mod. He reviewed it to show off the squid's new army, and how they will defeat Team Crafted (or as it was called a the time, Sky Army), once and for all. After the mod review is done, Sky managed to escape, and he rushes to warn the rest of the gang.
  • In the Sky Army special, When Squids Strike!, Sky tries to find the others, to warn them about the new squid army. When he reaches them, TrueMU informs him that the squids already came, and kidnapped Dawnables. Sky, along with TrueMU, Deadlox, SSundee, and ASFJerome headed to the Squid Dimension, to save Dawn. They find her in a strange tower, which was revealed to be a trap. The Derpollous Squid Overlord, who apparently is the leader of the squids, appears and ambushes them. The team fights back, and Sky kills him once and for all, wielding the UltimateDerp SquidBlade. They soon realize that there were more strange towers dotted around the dimension. ASFJerome exclaimed that he couldn't take anymore of this and jumped off the tower to his demise. The team came to the conclusion that the squids are getting more intelligent and are trying to eliminate them one by one.